Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

BN YOUTH JOB FAIR is awesome!

BN YOUTH JOB FAIR is awesome guys. really awesome. i spent few hours over there and what you expect? i bring along 25 pieces of resume and by the end of my job hunting, nothing left with me. obviously, as mentioned in Bernama portal, this is the biggest career ever. hell ya, i agree with that. why? because few weeks ago i went to karnival pendidikan and kerjaya MARA and what i can say is plus minus 50 booth over there that perform rather than today, 650. guys? 650 is a big, veryyyyyyy big amount, quantity and whatsoever for me. ignore my English cause i knew my grammar is sucks (LAME) hahaha ok. shut up.

obviously (for the second time i use this word.what the hell is wrong with me?), everybody will look forward to work with big, stable and famous company right? ya, this time every companies that you want (just name it dude) is there. right in front your eyes. ok, not the building. but the representativse. name it. BANKS, of course. from Maybank to Bank Islam. even Tabung Haji is there. you want to involve with plane, stewardess and so on MAS and AIR ASIA is also available (ececeyyyy.promote promote.) Iskandar Malaysia, Media Prima, and many more. and don't ignore the others that you never heard of.

it happened ok! haha i ask her again, 
"what is your company name?"
"where is it located?"
and lastly, "sorry, never heard of it" 
demn. -.-

don't be shy. please. for few hours in your life, don't be shy. ask anything you want. of course they will approach you when you come to their place. BUT this is the only way to ensure that you can comfort with new environment, communicate with strangers, gain more skills especially the way you ask questions. the attire?just wear anything you want. but make sure NICE. ok?

this event will be held from today until sunday. so what you waiting for? GO!

*sorry, i didn't manage to take a picture, too busy with my job hunting :D*

Thursday, March 24, 2011

i'm sorry...

for all of the time that i tried for your smile
for making you think that i was worth the while
so your love would be mine
for sending you flowers and holding your hand
that no one was there to take a stand
but then love made us blind
and i’m so sorry that i hurt you
sorry that i fell through
sorry i was falling in love with you
i’m sorry that it came true
but sorry doesn’t turn back time
for all that i have done to you
i wish that i could make it right
so sorry that i loved you
sorry that i needed you
sorry that i hold you tight
and i’m so sorry for...
making you love me and saying goodbye
for being the one that taught you how to cry
it was love and it passed us by
for giving you every thing that you dreamed
for taking it back when i fled the scene
sorry love,for wasting your time
i’m so sorry that i loved you
and apology now after all of this time
won’t make my difference tonight
but i’m hoping "i’m sorry" will open your mind
to love in your life
sorry that i hurt you
sorry that i fell through
sorry i was falling in love with you
i’m sorry that it came true
sorry that i loved you